Jacob Boggs, Client Care Specialist

Hi there! I’m Jacob, your Client Care Specialist here at Gotham Physical Therapy. Originally hailing from Nebraska I moved to NYC in 2011 to pursue my dreams of becoming an actor on “The Great White Way”. While I’m not a Broadway star yet, I have found my passion in helping people! I’ll be with you every step of the way on your physical therapy journey. As a child, I saw the benefits of physical therapy having watched my mother struggle with herniated discs. I know firsthand how much physical therapy helped her, and I want to help every New Yorker access the same relief she did. My passion to help others is a driving force, and I will do everything I can to ensure you get the care you need. I’ve been working with people the majority of my life, and my time as an actor has given me an empathetic spirit and a vigor for humanity. I enjoy making music, sewing and directing theatre in my free time. I have a true love for what I do here at Gotham Physical Therapy, and I can’t wait to help you get started on your journey.

Meet the rest of the team:

Zachary Getz, PT, DPT, OCS

Hi, I’m Dr. Zach Getz. I believe strongly in the human body’s ability to adapt and to heal if given the right environment. My goal is to give you the tools you need to succeed, and to be your guide along the path to recovery.

Dr. Caitlin Casella, PT, DPT

Hi, I’m Dr. Caitlin Casella. I operate from an antifragile stance, one that views the human body as robust, adaptable, and resilient. I’m here to provide you with the education and tools necessary to own your recovery and meet your goals.

Dr. Anna Kuljian, PT, DPT

I’m Dr. Anna Kuljian and I look forward to working with you! I am passionate about using movement as medicine along with manual therapy to help you get back to doing what’s meaningful in your life without pain. I treat from a patient-centered care approach so we’ll work together as a team to help you achieve your goals!