How do I reduce back pain?

It has to be one of the most searched health topics on Google: “How do I reduce back pain?” So many people are afflicted by back pain everyday. Some are in the throes of an acute episode that just started. Some have been dealing with it in some form or another for years. I want to talk about some steps you can take to help take the edge off, whether your pain is acute (recent onset) or chronic (greater than 3 months).

What you don’t know about pain could be making you worse!

What do you know about pain?

It’s quite likely that your understanding of pain is based on the model first proposed by Rene Descartes over 300 years ago. In it a painful stimulus is detected by a special pain receptor and the stimulus is carried upon a nerve to the brain where you feel pain. Descartes described them as tubes that carried the “animal spirit.” We’ve come a long way, but we still have a lot to learn.