What is sciatica and what can be done about it?

At any one time approximately 3-5% of people may be suffering from nerve pain in the leg. Sciatica is a term for this type of pain that gets thrown around quite a lot but its meaning may not be exactly clear to a lot of people. What do we mean when we say you have ‘sciatica’, and better yet, what can be done for it?

How do I reduce back pain?

It has to be one of the most searched health topics on Google: “How do I reduce back pain?” So many people are afflicted by back pain everyday. Some are in the throes of an acute episode that just started. Some have been dealing with it in some form or another for years. I want to talk about some steps you can take to help take the edge off, whether your pain is acute (recent onset) or chronic (greater than 3 months).

Is Back Pain Avoidable?

After people with back pain finish their course of care with us and are feeling a lot better, their next, logical question is, “How do I keep this from coming back?”

If you’ve never had back pain, you may wonder, “Is back pain avoidable?”

Ah, those are tough questions, indeed.

What can you do to reduce stiffness?


We all experience it. Some more than others depending on your activities and age. It doesn’t exactly stop you from doing things but it sure makes you feel slow to start, especially in the morning.

Stiffness is a universally unpleasant sensation, so many people would like to know how they can reduce or eliminate it. But first, let’s explore what that “stiffness” is.

What’s the right way to sit when your back is hurting?

Mmmm… maybe not.

The health world seems to be obsessed with sitting right now with many people blaming it for a multitude of health woes and some even comparing its dangers to that of smoking. I doubt that sitting is that bad but I think it’s safe to blame at least some aches and pains on prolonged sitting. And I’m sure you are well aware that certain positions definitely hurt your back more.

So what’s the right way to sit at work?