Neck Pain

Free: Some of our best tips to reduce or end that neck pain that has been limiting your activity and making work and even sleep agonizing, whether it just started or has been an issue for years!

Bonus: They don’t involve medication, injections, expensive gadgets or giving up your favorite activities forever!

In this short report, we’ll present to you 6 tips that cost you nothing and will start to turn the tide for you and give you back control over your painful, stiff neck. Interested?

Dear Neck Pain Sufferer,

If you’re frustrated by your nagging, lingering, aching neck pain and just want it to go away so you can have a decent day at work and, better yet, a good night sleep then you’re probably desperately searching for anything that will give you some relief.

If you’ve dealt with that pain for a while you’ve probably tried heat and ice, balms and creams, massage, rest, over-the- counter painkillers, some weird herbs or supplements a co-worker recommended, chiropractic to “realign your joints”, and on and on. All of these may help a little but the pain and stiffness keep coming back.

Are you worried about the next step?

Has a doctor recommended surgery, or maybe worse, opioid painkillers with all their side effects? Before you consider irreversible surgery or dangerously addictive medications we think you should try physical therapy first.

A visit with a physical therapist at Gotham Physical Therapy will include 45 minutes to ask all your questions and get all your concerns about your neck addressed.

We have the luxury of time to listen to you and understand your unique condition. By the end of that first visit we’ll tell you what’s going on, and if we can’t we’ll recommend you to someone else. But we almost always can because we see neck pain like yours all the time, and best of all WE KNOW how to treat it.

Then we’ll tell you about things you can do right away to help yourself and start making positive changes. We’ll show you safe exercises you can do at home and at the office to relieve that nagging ache.

We’ll do hands-on therapy as necessary to help reduce your pain and get you moving more freely.

Finally, and most importantly, we’ll add a healthy dose of education so you can understand why your neck started hurting in the first place, what’s keeping it aggravated, and what changes you can make in your life to finally make it go away. This last piece may seem simple, but hands down it is the best thing we offer. It’s the information you need to be empowered to help yourself. And it’s the stuff you probably won’t get in a 10-minute physician visit. (No fault of theirs, they’re just very busy, and are focused on ruling out all the really bad stuff.)

Our goals are that you leave us feeling better, feeling less fearful about your neck, and feeling empowered and confident that you can take charge of your neck pain. You will no longer let your pain rule your life.

Here’s who we can help:

If you’re in your 20s, 30s, or 40s and can say “yes” to any of the following, then there’s a good chance we’ll be able to help you:

  • You woke up with a sore and stiff neck out of the blue, it’s been plaguing you for days or weeks, and you’re concerned.
  • Your neck feels “blocked” like you can’t turn it more than a few degrees before it stops.
  • You spend hours at your desk at work and can feel the tension and pain building throughout the day.
  • You’re feeling pain spread into your upper back, shoulders, even down your arm to your hand.
  • You’ve tried lots of different things—massage, heat, painkillers, stretching—and are concerned that there may be something seriously wrong.
  • You’re experiencing more frequent headaches.

Even if you’ve been to a doctor and had an x-ray or MRI that shows “bulging” or “slipped” discs, “stenosis”, “nerve root compression” or any of a host of other structural problems WE CAN help. You are not your MRI, and you can still live the active life you want even if
imaging showed those issues. It’s a little known and very misunderstood fact, and we’d love to educate you and show you how there is hope.

If you’re interested in finding out how physical therapy can help you in a natural way without drugs, without giving up what you love to do, and without surgery and other invasive techniques then the best place to start is with a phone call.

Accept our offer for a FREE phone consultation and you can talk to a licensed doctor of physical therapy about your neck pain and ask any questions you like. It’s a great opportunity to start learning about us and what we do. When we’re done we’ll know whether we can help you and you’ll know if we’re the right fit for you.

This option is where most people begin on the path to better health. If you want to join them, click the button and enter you details and someone will call you back soon to set up a time to talk.

Maybe you just started looking around to find the best solution for you and you’re not ready to talk to us just yet. What if we could offer some free advice to help reduce your pain even just a little. Does that sound like something that you would be interested in?

If so, we’d like to offer you our report:

6 Cheap and Easy Tips to Ease Neck Pain, Prevent Tension Headaches, and Finally Work Comfortably Through the Day

It’s a $40 value but we want you to have it for FREE.

They’re easy, cheap suggestions on things you can try or changes you can make to your daily life that can really change how you’re feeling for the better.

It gives you a small taste of the many things we, as physical therapists, can do to help you. More importantly it shows you how you can start to help yourself.

See who else has been EMPOWERED at Gotham PT:

Erika P.

“I found Gotham Physical Therapy to be very helpful with my bulging disc and resulting nerve pain. My doctor recommended them, and I’m glad that he did. My PT was very knowledgeable and friendly, and they recommended a reasonable amount of sessions. By the end, I was feeling so much better. I was skeptical about how physical therapy could help with such intense nerve pain, and I was pleasantly surprised! I would definitely recommend them.”

Manav C.

“I have been coming here for over 3yrs and they are great at understanding the underlying causes and work with you closely to improve your condition. I come here for my TMJ and for my neck and shoulder muscles – which are so much better despite having a desk job.”


“Helpful and friendly staff, and I agree that the atmosphere is quiet and helps me relax.. They ask the right questions to get to the main cause of my issue, and the treatment has been very effective for my herniated disc problems. I definitely trust the people here, and best of all I don’t feel pressured to get more treatment than I can afford.”