Knee Pain

Free: It’s time to reduce or END that nagging knee pain that has been limiting your activity and preventing you from doing the things you want to do…And this report is full of tips to help you do just that.

Best of all they’re cheap and don’t involve medication, injections, surgery, braces or you giving up your favorite activities forever!

In this report we’ll give you 5 easy tips you probably never knew about that will EMPOWER you to take charge of your condition, end your suffering, and give you your life back. Would you like to get started?

Hello Knee Pain Sufferer,

How are you feeling? Since you’re faced with knee pain we suspect you’re pretty frustrated and are looking for ways to make it go away. You’ve tried rest, but your pain just comes back when you return to your old activities, right? You’ve tried ice or heat, anti-inflammatories, braces, sleeves, balms…but they only take the edge off or give you temporary relief. These things give symptomatic relief only, but they rarely go to the heart of the problem. So now what?

It’s pretty hard to get around New York City when your knees hurt. We walk everywhere! We stand on long subway commutes. Or we sit, unable to move our legs because of the crowd. We live in walk-ups and are faced with stairs everywhere! Just try to avoid stairs during your day. You probably can’t.

On top of trying to get through the daily grind, then you go for a run, or to the gym, or the court and your pain stops you from your recreation. Now it’s looking like you’ll have to give up your favorite sport or fitness activities to keep the pain away. You’re concerned that if you don’t stop these so-called “damaging” activities that your knees will continue to deteriorate and then you’ll be crippled by pain and forced to resort to the dreaded knee replacement or some other surgery. Maybe you were even warned as much by your physician.

You’re right to be looking for a better solution.

Your best solution, the ONLY one that can reliably result in long-term improvement and relief, is exercise.

But it hurts to exercise!

True. It is cruelly ironic that the cure also seems to worsen the disease. But there is a way to exercise smartly that will slowly and surely allow you to do more while your knees hurt less and less.


The precious answer to that question is a little different for everyone and therefore cannot be answered here. But if you want to know, COME AND SEE US. We’ll do a thorough evaluation to figure out what is driving your pain and where your current activity tolerance is, and when we have that we begin to formulate a plan—with YOUR help—that will allow you to begin to exercise your way out of knee pain.

If you’ve seen your primary care physician they probably said you’ve got to rest, ice and use painkillers, plus quit running, biking, hiking, player soccer, or whatever is your activity of choice. You take it as gospel because he/she is a doctor. But, I’ve got a wake-up call for you: general practitioners’ knowledge of musculoskeletal conditions and how best to treat them is not that good. That may come as a surprise and sound confrontational, but these doctors would probably admit the same thing if they were asked. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Physicians are most concerned with diagnosing and treating systemic issues like diseases, cancers, cardiovascular troubles, etc. By comparison, muscle and joint pain are of minor concern since they aren’t likely to kill you. So if your doctor has recommended just rest and ice for your knee pain, do yourself a favor and ask for a prescription for physical therapy. WE are the experts in solving your problem. WE will help you find a lasting solution.

Even orthopedic surgeons may not be your best source of advice. Again, it has to do with the focus of their expertise. They train on becoming good at surgery and other medical procedures to help your painful muscle, bone, and joint conditions. Surgery is usually the end-game when nothing else works, so surgeons may not be up on the best things to try before surgery. Give physical therapy a try before considering surgery.

Better yet, give Gotham Physical Therapy a try. We base our treatment on the latest evidence-based practices. We offer advice and reassurance rather than scare tactics and lists of things you shouldn’t do anymore. Instead of injections, we offer hands-on treatment, as necessary. The medicine we “prescribe” is exercise, tailored to you and your goals.

If a natural solution that allows you to return to your favorite activities without depending on painkillers to mask the pain sounds intriguing but you still have questions, then by all means ask away. We offer a free 15-minute telephone consultation to savvy customers who like a lot of information before they make a decision. We’ll take the time to understand your needs and your concerns and you can decide if we are the people with the solution you need.

Let us be clear: we are not selling a miracle cure. A full recovery is unlikely to happen within 1 or 2 sessions, and even if you are out of pain at that time there’s still a lot of work to do to prevent it from coming right back. We are pitching a longer-term solution to you, one that requires adaptation, and therefore, time. Furthermore, it requires dedication and effort from you. But if you work hard together with us then a return to your previous active life will be within reach.

Here’s who we can help…

If you’re an active New Yorker in your 20s, 30s, or 40s and you can say “yes” to any of the following there’s a very good chance we can help get you back to work and play with far less pain:

  • You “tweaked” your knee in a fall or playing sports
  • You have nagging knee pain that began weeks or months ago but is now forcing you to limp and avoid stairs at all cost
  • You have painful clicking and popping
  • You get sharp pain on the front or outside of your knee whenever you run
  • You can’t sit for longer than 20 minutes without you knees screaming
  • You had an MRI or x-ray and it came back with “arthritis”, “chondromalacia,” or “meniscus tear” just to name a few
  • You don’t know what’s but you’re concerned that it could get worse and you just want to know what’s wrong and what can be done for it.

What you see on an MRI or x-ray can be alarming but you don’t have to accept that you’ll always be in pain because of it. Most people and many medical providers are still unaware of the mountains of research evidence that proves that structural “damage” is often only a small part of the “pain equation” and there is still hope for you even if it exists.

Come to our clinic and you won’t be rushed in and out in 10 minutes. We’ll take our time to educate you and answer your questions. We’ll help you understand what works. Just as importantly, we’ll make sure you know about the things that probably DON’T work so you can avoid wasting time and money. Our goal is to be your trusted advisors for all of your painful musculoskeletal conditions. We want to help you get better, stay better, and be better than you were before. We want you to be EMPOWERED to help yourself and take charge of your health.

If you just started searching for a solution and you’re still not convinced enough to take action today, then there’s still one other way we’d like to start helping you.

How about downloading our FREE report with 6 great tips to help decrease your knee pain? Take it and see how physical therapy can begin to help you. If your knee pain just started, implementing a few of our tips may be able to head it off before it becomes a real problem. And even if you’ve had knee pain for years, you’ll find some tips that can really take the edge off your pain. Maybe they’ll even be all you need to get back to the life you had before knee pain forced you to slow down.

It’s a $40 value but we want you to have for free just for considering us.

See who else has been EMPOWERED at Gotham PT:

Darcy M.

“I came here after surgery for a broken heel bone.  I worked twice a week with William Lee for about two months and he was terrific.  He helped me to learn how to walk properly again.  It is a very nice atmosphere and the three young owner/PTs — William Lee and two other young men — are charismatic and upbeat and clearly know what they are doing.  I would highly recommend coming here.

Manav C.

“I have been coming here for over 3yrs and they are great at understanding the underlying causes and work with you closely to improve your condition. I come here for my TMJ and for my neck and shoulder muscles – which are so much better despite having a desk job.”

Samantha K.

“I came to Gotham Physical Therapy after a pretty serious procedure called OATS, which was done on both my knee and my ankle. The recovery included 3 months of complete non-weight bearing and then gradually getting back on my feet. I started with Dr. William Lee ~2-2.5 months into my recovery to begin building strength back and it was the beginning of an amazing program. Not only am I back to normal, I’m better than I ever was with regard to running, jumping, and strength training. Having been an athlete for most of my life, I was afraid I would never be able to even consider sports again, but thanks to Gotham PT I can get back on the soccer field.”