Jaw Pain

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Hello there,

If you suffer from jaw pain we don’t have to tell you how debilitating that can be. When it hurts just to eat and you’re missing out on one of life’s simple but great pleasures it’s easy to feel frustrated. And it’s usually not just your jaw that hurts.

You can have constant toothaches that lead to unnecessary dental procedures.

You can have unrelenting neck and upper back pain.

You can have daily headaches.

Does that sound familiar?

You may be surprised to learn that physical therapists are trained to treat pain coming from the jaw—technically, the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. Yep, your jaw has joints just like your shoulders, hips, fingers, and everything else that moves and the physical therapists at Gotham Physical Therapy have a plan to help you out.

Did you know a lot of your jaw pain could be coming from your neck, and that treating that area alone has the potential to relieve your pain? Did you know the huge affect that stress has on your condition? It definitely can make things worse. We will address these things with you from day one.

You understandably want the fastest solution possible but we’re sure you’re just as keen on finding a lasting solution. That’s because you are the type of person that understands that temporary solutions and half-measures aren’t worth your time and money. And that’s good, because we want to work with people who are willing to put forth the effort for lasting change. And you know what? When you follow our advice, put in the effort, and become the most active person in your own treatment plan, the results will pleasantly surprise you.

If you are looking for help, we will EMPOWER you to help yourself.

How do we do that? By starting with big doses of education and self-management advice, adding in a dash of hands-on treatment to help reduce your pain, and then showing you exercises to do yourself to make continual improvements. Our goal is to make you independent so that you can take care of yourself and not need to rely us any longer than you have to. After all, it takes up your time and money.

Does that sound like the kind of solution you were hoping for? Are you still surprised to hear that physical therapy could help you? Consider taking the next step.

We know you’ve probably been working with a good dentist to help your jaw pain. That’s a great idea! And if we’re on your team we’ll work closely with your dentist to come up with the best plan for you. While they may suggest some medication or fabricate a mouthguard, we can help you regain your mobility, decrease your muscle pain, and modify your daily habits that could be perpetuating the problem.

Who can we help? Check this list to see if any of the following applies to you.

  • You have painful clicking or clunking in your jaw
  • Your jaw is stiff and won’t open as far as it used to
  • You have a frequent toothache but the dentist can’t find anything wrong
  • You can’t chew food without pain, and you stick with soft foods
  • You have frequent painful headaches on the side or back of your head
  • You have a constant feeling of tension in your jaw
  • You have a feeling of fullness in your ear, or ringing (yes, these can be signs of TMJ dysfunction, too)

If you said ‘yes’ to any of those statements then there’s a pretty good chance that we’ve got some ways to help. So why keep suffering the nagging, pervasive pain that interrupts your life and makes it hard to concentrate at work or enjoy your meals? Especially when we could show you some things at the very first visit that could start to reduce your discomfort.

If you’re still skeptical or unsure, how about bringing your concerns right to us and asking us all the questions you have? We offer a 15-minute phone consult with a physical therapist so you can ask all your questions, bring up all your concerns, and better understand your options so you can make the right decision for you.

The good news is that most conditions, including jaw pain tend to get better on their own. But if you don’t want to wait for time to heal you or you have been waiting with no change then you may need some extra help.

Our expert physical therapist will help you identify barriers that could be standing in your way on the road to recovery. We’ll address your habitual postures that could be perpetuating your condition. And we’ll give you the tools and knowledge you need to take charge of your pain and be the master of your own recovery.

On that note, there’s a few commonly prescribed interventions you may encounter elsewhere that we just don’t do:

  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Acupuncture or dry needling

That’s because research studies have shown these interventions to be of little value overall, even though they may slightly reduce pain in the short-term, usually through a placebo effect. We respect your time and don’t want you to waste it or your money on ineffective treatments.

We will be up front and honest with you. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction can be stubborn and recovery can be a long and bumpy road. But we also want you HAVE HOPE and know that YOU CAN RESTORE YOUR FORMER HEALTH and free yourself of the shackles of pain. If you will let us help you, we will be your guides and cheerleaders each step of the way.

If you’re still not sure, let us offer you this one last thing:

Our FREE guide “Stop Jaw Pain”, with simple tips you can apply TODAY to start feeling some relief. Take it with no obligation to come see us.

We hope it does you some good. Furthermore, we hope once you see what a little generic advice can do you’ll realize the huge benefit of a specialized treatment plan guided by an expert to finally help you reach your goals.

See who else has been EMPOWERED at Gotham PT:

Manav C.

“I have been coming here for over 3yrs and they are great at understanding the underlying causes and work with you closely to improve your condition. I come here for my TMJ and for my neck and shoulder muscles – which are so much better despite having a desk job.”

Erika P.

“I found Gotham Physical Therapy to be very helpful with my bulging disc and resulting nerve pain. My doctor recommended them, and I’m glad that he did. My PT was very knowledgeable and friendly, and they recommended a reasonable amount of sessions. By the end, I was feeling so much better. I was skeptical about how physical therapy could help with such intense nerve pain, and I was pleasantly surprised! I would definitely recommend them.”


“Helpful and friendly staff, and I agree that the atmosphere is quiet and helps me relax.. They ask the right questions to get to the main cause of my issue, and the treatment has been very effective for my herniated disc problems. I definitely trust the people here, and best of all I don’t feel pressured to get more treatment than I can afford.”