Heel and Foot Pain

FREE: The report written by expert physical therapists that shows any person suffering from nagging, piercing heel or foot pain how they can finally regain control of their condition so they can get back to walking, running, commuting, and working like they used to.

In this short report, we’ll give 5 bits of insider knowledge about things you can do today to start easing your heel or foot pain. They’re cheap, effective, and appropriate for anyone. Interested?

Hello Heel or Foot Pain Sufferer,

We’re sorry to hear that you’re being tormented by heel or foot pain. That kind of pain is extremely frustrating because you’re forced to face it with every step. And it’s not only limiting your more energetic recreational pursuits but also just your ability to get around the city or even your apartment.

You’re probably afraid that you’re getting out of shape because it’s tough to exercise. You miss playing sports with friends, walking your dog, or going for walks in the park. Maybe you even think twice about heading out on the weekends because you know walking, dancing, or standing in line will be hard to bear.

Well, we want to help you get rid of your pain and—more importantly—return to the life you had before it started, when you didn’t fear the first step getting out of bed in the morning, when you could walk as far as you wanted, when you could run around with your kids or play sports with friends.

You have probably tried lots of things so far: ice, heat, creams, rest, anti-inflammatories, braces, etc. All to no avail. The pain and stiffness continue.

Getting rid of foot pain can be incredibly tricky. No one solution works for everyone. Rest by itself or rest done incorrectly may not help. In fact it could make things worse when you try to get active again. Exercise is helpful and necessary, but too much exercise or the wrong types of exercise could also have detrimental effects. Sound confusing?

Believe us, you are not alone. We see clients with foot pain all the time and we know it is a struggle. All three of us have had our own cases, too, at one time or other, so we know first-hand how difficult it can be.

With all the conflicting information and simple mistakes that can be made that ruin weeks or months of progress you NEED a guide. Someone to help you navigate that minefield and come up with a plan that can work for you. We want to be your guide.

If you’ve decided that you’ve suffered enough and want to take a step toward recovery, if you’d like to understand your condition better and learn how you can be EMPOWERED to help yourself then we should probably start with a chat on the phone. We can answer all your questions and discuss your various options with a free 15-minute telephone consultation. But this is only for serious, health-conscious people determined to make a change. If we decide you’re a good fit for us and you decide we’re the people with the solution to your problem then we can take the next step of scheduling. But let’s start here with no obligation.

Gotham Physical Therapy is a physical therapist-owned private practice in New York City. We relish our ability to provide one-on-one treatment to our patients and NO hand-off to an aide. You get a doctor of physical therapy treating you the WHOLE time. And you won’t feel rushed, either. We have time to answer all your questions and concerns.

Here’s who we help:

We try our best but we fully admit that we can’t help everyone, and if we can’t we’ll let you know. However, if you’re an active New Yorker in your 20s, 30s, or 40s and you can say “yes” to any of the following, then there’s a good chance we can help you:

  • Your pain came on after an usually large amount of activity, whether running, walking, or standing
  • Your pain and stiffness is worse in the morning and feels a little better after you “warm up”
  • You twisted your ankle months ago and it still hurts
  • You keep resting until the pain goes away but it comes right back when your return to your favorite activity
  • You can only walk around comfortably in your most padded sneakers.
  • You’re afraid that you’ll never be able to run or play sports again because of the pain.

If you said “yes” to any of those statements then you’ll want to see us soon.

We treat with the two most powerful and well-researched interventions in our physical therapy arsenal: education and exercise. Throw in a little hands-on therapy as needed to help decrease pain and make movement feel better and you’ve got a powerful treatment combo that gets results.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to be hooked up to fancy machines, need injections, expensive orthotics, or painful massage. If you’ve been to the physical therapist or chiropractor before and spent most of your time with a hot pack on your foot, then hooked to an electrical stimulation machine, then onto ultrasound, and finally were given some stretches to do with an aide then you DID NOT have real physical therapy. At least not real effective physical therapy.

Those things will only give you temporary relief. Passive treatments where you just sit on a table while things are done to you are unlikely to help. To really make good things happen you need to put in work. You need to stress your foot, and as we mentioned earlier, you need to do that the RIGHT way. You need to be EMPOWERED to be your own healer. Let us show you how!

Maybe you’re not sure about physical therapy or you’re not sure if we’re the people that can help you. Or maybe you’re only at the beginning of your quest for a solution and were just looking for a little advice to take care of your pain on you own.

No problem.

Take our FREE report and give it a read. It’s got 6 great tips and bits of advice for reducing your heel and foot pain.

Some or all of the tips together may be enough to give you that relief you’ve been looking for and you won’t have spent a dime, so it’s risk-free. And even though we can’t guarantee that the tips inside will help everyone, they could be just enough to take the edge off and let you get back to living your life without always being focused on your foot.

Plus, we think you’ll begin to see how a physical therapist can help transform you back into that active person you used to be, with a spring in your step. If you like the tips in the book then there’s a lot more where that came from when you come to our office!

Click the link and the free eBook is yours with no obligation.

See who else has been EMPOWERED at Gotham PT:

Lucas R.

“I went into Gotham Physical Therapy for recovery from surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles and had a very good experience with them. The staff at Gotham was always knowledgeable, and my PT had a great understanding of any questions that I had. They gave me workouts to do outside of PT and helped me make significant progress back from the injury in the few months that I worked with them. The facilities are in great shape with a wide variety of exercise equipment and machines, and it’s always kept very clean. The billing process was seamless, no issues with insurance, and scheduling was easy as well (they were very flexible with times and had automated appointment reminders). I certainly feel like I left in a great place on the road to a full recovery, and my PT sent a thorough follow-up email with instructions on how to continue rehabbing after my last session. I’d certainly recommend Gotham PT to anyone looking for physical therapy or personal training.

Darcy M.

“I came here after surgery for a broken heel bone.  I worked twice a week with William Lee for about two months and he was terrific.  He helped me to learn how to walk properly again.  It is a very nice atmosphere and the three young owner/PTs — William Lee and two other young men — are charismatic and upbeat and clearly know what they are doing.  I would highly recommend coming here.”

Teresa T.

Patient intelligent & working closely with their clients. The staff is very welcoming. I’m lucky to watch them work so closely with my mother. I would highly recommend them.”