Safety Precautions for Our Patients During the Coronavirus Pandemic

From the outset, physical therapy clinics have been considered essential businesses during the pandemic. However, when New York City was first struggling with the coronavirus we determined that it was unwise and unsafe to remain open and perhaps risk adding to the burden on the healthcare system. Instead, we made good use of telehealth for those that still needed physical therapy.

With the number of new cases declining and the hospital system in a better place we have decided to begin a limited reopening of our in-clinic services. The safety of our patients and our employees is paramount, so we wanted to detail how we plan to keep you safe should you decide to come to our clinic.

We created this plan by consulting several expert public health guidelines including those of the CDC, the NYC Department of Health, the American Physical Therapy Association, and the New York Physical Therapy Association.

Is Back Pain Avoidable?

After people with back pain finish their course of care with us and are feeling a lot better, their next, logical question is, “How do I keep this from coming back?”

If you’ve never had back pain, you may wonder, “Is back pain avoidable?”

Ah, those are tough questions, indeed.

PT Myth #3: No Pain, No Gain

Has it been 17 months since Part 2? Jeez…sorry for the big delay. I think I’ll get part 4 in faster than that 😉

I groan internally whenever I hear a patient say that PT stands for “pain and torture” or “physical terrorist.” It is usually said with humor and I chuckle along to satisfy my patient, but I quickly correct them, too. Physical therapy is not a “no pain, no gain” business. If that has been your experience or what you heard from others, allow me to explain.