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We want to show you the power you have to overcome your obstacles. Not with drugs, but with guidance and reassurance. Not with surgery, but with exercise and a helping hand.

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Edward S.

“I spent about three months in early 2017 receiving PT at Gotham and they were excellent. Over the last ten years I’ve received PT at five different places, so I’ve learned what to look for. In this case, Gotham treated my complicated hip replacement. The original hip prosthetic had become infected, so it was removed and a month long regime of intravenous antibiotics was done. I came to Gotham using a taxi, then a walker, and a little later, a cane. I finished my PT walking out on my own two feet.

Lauren D.

“I’m grateful that they helped me recover from a hip flexor issue that was keeping me from running, my favorite hobby. The physical therapists are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and they give you a clear plan for recovery (without making you feel like you’ll be stuck in PT forever).”

Samantha K.

“I came to Gotham Physical Therapy after a pretty serious procedure called OATS, which was done on both my knee and my ankle. The recovery included 3 months of complete non-weight bearing and then gradually getting back on my feet. I started with Dr. William Lee ~2-2.5 months into my recovery to begin building strength back and it was the beginning of an amazing program. Not only am I back to normal, I’m better than I ever was with regard to running, jumping, and strength training. Having been an athlete for most of my life, I was afraid I would never be able to even consider sports again, but thanks to Gotham PT I can get back on the soccer field.